Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New England poets share new work on the airwaves...

Do you want fresh poetry from New England? We've got several new pieces to share with you that are sure to get you excited.

Episode 4 has new poetry from New Englanders Jenna-Nichole Conrad and Alexander Smith.

Jenna-Nichole is an autodidact, intersectional feminist, poet, activist, and bibliophile experiencing life in and around Massachusetts. Visit her portfolio on clippings.me/jennanicholeconrad or email her at SharpSoulPoetics@gmail.com.
Alexander Smith is a fiction writer, poet, and freelance writer living in Providence, RI. His book of poems, "For Poets Must Love" is available on Amazon for your Kindle. Follow him on Twitter today -https://twitter.com/AlexanderWrites

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Here's more GOOD NEWS!!!

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