Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life & Death and Lewis & Clark

Follow one man's journey around the country after he learns he has just months to live. His family disagrees with his choice but in the end, it is his choice.

Episode 5 shares a dramatic story from award-winning novelist Bob Kornhiser.

Bob Kornhiser is an award winning novelist, playwright and film-maker who has recently turned his writing hand to short stories, many of which are suggested by contemporary news events. Find Bob's novel, "Crossing the Wire" on Amazon.com and his stylish film "Blood Kisses" on VHX.tv.

In January, Bob's play "Journey to the Sea of Palestine" was featured and well-received at an off-Broadway play festival in Manhattan.

Bob Kornhiser was born in Brooklyn, NY in the dark ages of the borough, and has always lived in a very un-hip part of Brooklyn, two subway stops from Coney Island, for most of his life. 

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