Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Pulse Orlando Memorial Episode is now available on iTunes and Soundcloud...

Let's Remember 

Play this Pulse Orlando Memorial Episode...

You can now access Episode 6 on iTunes or Soundcloud as well as other podcast streaming services.

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CWO Called for Poets. They Responded...

In the wake of the Pulse Orlando shooting, poets from around the country wrote poetry responses to the tragedy...

On June 18, Creative Writing Outloud turned to social media asking American writers and poets to contribute responses to the Pulse Orlando Shooting that happened on June 12, 2016.

Featured Poets: Charles Braddy, Alexander Smith, Nikali Noble, Aaron Christian Anderson

Download Episode 6: #SupportOrlando And Send iTunes A Message!

When you subscribe, download, and listen to Creative Writing Outloud, iTunes notices. But when you listen and share this special Pulse Orlando Memorial Episode, you also help remember those lost in the tragedy.

"Check out this new episode today. It'll both break your heart and give you hope for a brighter future."

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