Friday, July 8, 2016

Episode 7 is now available for download...

In our seventh installment of Creative Writing Outloud, you'll listen to brand-new poetry by New York poet and multimedia artist Ansel Oommen and writer Alexander Smith.

Play these 14-Minutes of Pure, Whimsical Poetry!

Ansel Oommen's The Lady Croissant Collection is a group of nonsensical poems that will tickle your imagination and stoke your creative thoughts. While his poem The Inshee will make you feel like you're living a nightmare...

The Grass Leads Me to the Forest is a reflective, meditative piece of poetry by Alexander Smith. Let the ambient music in the background take you into the forest where your imagination can run free with the sprites. This recording features a vocal performance by Rebecca Gilles and music by Ars Sonor.

Download this episode today!

iTunes: CWO Episode 7 on iTunes!
Soundcloud: CWO Episode 7: Poetry By Ansel Oommen And Alexander Smith (2016)

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