Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Something is not quite right...And we need to be better...

Your problems won't just disappear...

Every individual faces a different problem in America. It might be dealing with racism, struggling with the pain in our relationships, or interacting with fellow humans in the city.

It's easy to brush off other's problems: They're not dealing with as much as me. They don't understand my struggle. They can't know my pain...

But if we don't reach out to our fellow humans, we will never connect and grow as a species...

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In Creative Writing Outloud's 14th episode, you get 8 pieces of poetry and 5 pieces of microfiction.

Learn more about the authors:

Mike Power is a writer and musician living in New York City. His fiction and poetry has appeared in Fat City Review and The Journal of Microfiction. Find his novel "The Zoo" from Cacoethes Publishing House. Read his writing on mikepowernyc.com.

Julisa Wilson is an American Poet residing in Los Angeles, California. Her work has been published by Hello Poetry and Young Celebrity News. A number of her spoken word pieces have garnered more than 20,000 views online. Follow her on all social media @julisamagazine or visit www.itsjulisa.com

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What if the world's land disappeared tomorrow? A story about a future...

Fortunately, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault would be there to try to repopulate our food supply...

Yes, world leaders have a Plan B in case global warming wins, and we lose the land we stand on. But if life as we know it was lost, would logic still stand? Or would we seek out new alternatives, perhaps even fantastical ones, in order to build a better future?

Discover a unique blend of political commentary, Chinese philosophy, mysticism, and fantasy!

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“Yu and The Goddess of the Garden” by Joseph Baron Pravda offers listeners a unique perspective on industrialization, global warming, and what life could be like if coastlines suddenly disappeared.

Born Brooklyn, NY, Joseph Baron Pravda began a career in law in 1971 and most notably worked with the Federal Government during Watergate, where he immediately Felt something was amiss. He has been a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including microfiction/flash fiction as well as full length and One Act Plays he writes/paints/designs full time, his writing and visual art having been published in ebook and other electronic media, as well as print; Published by Clapboard House, Prompt and Circumstance, D.G. Flamand Books, Cordite, and more Learn more about Joseph Baron Pravda at http://www.angrysponge.com/

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"A Subtle Gray" by Tennessee Williams Festival Finalist Katarina Boudreaux

I may be wrong, but things never seem to go according to plan...

What's the last curve ball life threw at you? A sudden or unwanted career change? Perhaps, a deal fell through at the last minute? Maybe a sudden death in the family?

We've all been told to make lemonade when life pelts us with lemons. But what if you don't have the tools to juice 'em? Here's one story where we examine just how sour lemonade can taste when its not sugarcoated...

The latest fiction from the 2016 Tennessee Williams Festival Finalist!

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"A Subtle Gray" introduces you to Isle, a half-German, half-Filipino woman living in New Orleans. The story begins as Isle prepares to celebrate a bachelorette party in order to work through her deep emotional wounds. Themes of the piece touch on love and loss, racial identity, attraction, and resiliency.

Katarina Boudreaux is a writer, musician, composer, tango dancer, and teacher -- a shaper of word, sound, and mind. She returned to New Orleans after circuitous journeying. Her chapbook "Anatomy Lessons" is available from Flutter Press. Her play "Awake at 4:30" is a finalist in the 2016 Tennessee Williams Festival. Learn more at KatarinaBoudreaux.com.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A well-done piece about a medium-rare burger...

Have you ever seen a sign? Is a higher power trying to speak to you? Perhaps your Alphabet Soup has spelled out a message...

In this humorous take on a real-life event, one middle-aged woman finds new purpose when she sees Jesus' face on her cheeseburger. Though skeptics confront her, she refuses to deny what she sees. And through her passion and faith, Myrtle rallies her Tallahassee community around her. Eventually, profiting big off The Jesus Burger...

A New, Juicy Comedy from Award-Winning Novelist Bob Kornhiser!

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"The Jesus Burger" is just one of the short stories that Bob Kornhiser has been churning out recently. You can also listen to "Lewis & Clark," his other story featured on the podcast on episode 5.

Bob Kornhiser is an award winning novelist, playwright and film-maker who has recently turned his writing hand to short stories, many of which are suggested by contemporary news events. Find Bob's novel, "Crossing the Wire" on Amazon.com and his stylish film "Blood Kisses" on VHX.tv.

In January, Bob's play "Journey to the Sea of Palestine" was featured and well-received at an off-Broadway play festival in Manhattan.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Passion. Art. And the City.

When discussing the creative hubs of America, you're bound to mention New York City and Los Angeles. In today's episode, we've featured new poetry from an artist in each city. 

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Jake Tringali's raw style engages readers in a poetic onslaught of stories through imagery.

Lord Bison explores the gap between 'reality' and the life we lead on paper in his piece about life in New York.

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Two poets. Two voices.

The first six poems written by Jake Tringali give us listeners a view into a creative world of passion and lust.

"Jake writes about the edges of society, and frequently about the things we no longer see...With a strong background in cyberpunk and the hard sciences, he has a focus on the intersection of technology and human interaction."

The spoken word piece, written and performed by Lord Bison, "Suddenly Here, Where It's Warm" offers us an unadulterated look into life in a neighborhood.

"Lord Bison represents a growing archetype of human beings who feel more comfortable on paper than they do in reality. Three parts writer to one part existentialist spoken word performer with an eye for detail who melds sex, the unchecked, dark corners of his mind, and social commentary into his prose."

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