Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A well-done piece about a medium-rare burger...

Have you ever seen a sign? Is a higher power trying to speak to you? Perhaps your Alphabet Soup has spelled out a message...

In this humorous take on a real-life event, one middle-aged woman finds new purpose when she sees Jesus' face on her cheeseburger. Though skeptics confront her, she refuses to deny what she sees. And through her passion and faith, Myrtle rallies her Tallahassee community around her. Eventually, profiting big off The Jesus Burger...

A New, Juicy Comedy from Award-Winning Novelist Bob Kornhiser!

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"The Jesus Burger" is just one of the short stories that Bob Kornhiser has been churning out recently. You can also listen to "Lewis & Clark," his other story featured on the podcast on episode 5.

Bob Kornhiser is an award winning novelist, playwright and film-maker who has recently turned his writing hand to short stories, many of which are suggested by contemporary news events. Find Bob's novel, "Crossing the Wire" on Amazon.com and his stylish film "Blood Kisses" on VHX.tv.

In January, Bob's play "Journey to the Sea of Palestine" was featured and well-received at an off-Broadway play festival in Manhattan.

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