Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Passion. Art. And the City.

When discussing the creative hubs of America, you're bound to mention New York City and Los Angeles. In today's episode, we've featured new poetry from an artist in each city. 

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Jake Tringali's raw style engages readers in a poetic onslaught of stories through imagery.

Lord Bison explores the gap between 'reality' and the life we lead on paper in his piece about life in New York.

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Two poets. Two voices.

The first six poems written by Jake Tringali give us listeners a view into a creative world of passion and lust.

"Jake writes about the edges of society, and frequently about the things we no longer see...With a strong background in cyberpunk and the hard sciences, he has a focus on the intersection of technology and human interaction."

The spoken word piece, written and performed by Lord Bison, "Suddenly Here, Where It's Warm" offers us an unadulterated look into life in a neighborhood.

"Lord Bison represents a growing archetype of human beings who feel more comfortable on paper than they do in reality. Three parts writer to one part existentialist spoken word performer with an eye for detail who melds sex, the unchecked, dark corners of his mind, and social commentary into his prose."

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