Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What if the world's land disappeared tomorrow? A story about a future...

Fortunately, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault would be there to try to repopulate our food supply...

Yes, world leaders have a Plan B in case global warming wins, and we lose the land we stand on. But if life as we know it was lost, would logic still stand? Or would we seek out new alternatives, perhaps even fantastical ones, in order to build a better future?

Discover a unique blend of political commentary, Chinese philosophy, mysticism, and fantasy!

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“Yu and The Goddess of the Garden” by Joseph Baron Pravda offers listeners a unique perspective on industrialization, global warming, and what life could be like if coastlines suddenly disappeared.

Born Brooklyn, NY, Joseph Baron Pravda began a career in law in 1971 and most notably worked with the Federal Government during Watergate, where he immediately Felt something was amiss. He has been a prolific writer in all genres, with an emphasis on short works, including microfiction/flash fiction as well as full length and One Act Plays he writes/paints/designs full time, his writing and visual art having been published in ebook and other electronic media, as well as print; Published by Clapboard House, Prompt and Circumstance, D.G. Flamand Books, Cordite, and more Learn more about Joseph Baron Pravda at http://www.angrysponge.com/

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