Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Are you hungry for more in life?

Life doesn't want to follow your plan...

One of the most poignant lessons I ever learned at a meditation retreat was that there really is nothing beyond our current experience. I'm not talking about the afterlife here. I'm talking about our waking existence now.

You don't meditate to find more life or to become a better person. You meditate to appreciate the life you have been given in this very moment.

Although this lesson is obvious, applying it to everyday life is extremely challenging. Our two short stories in this podcast episode explore that difficulty. What do we do when the life we have doesn't measure up to the one we dreamed about...?

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Discover 2 stories with characters yearning for more!

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In the first piece by Marc Littman titled "Roses", you'll meet an unhappy young marketing professional. When he's forced to take an assignment to "Hicksville", he learns a valuable life lesson.

In "I Always Wanted to Believe in Magic" the main character's life is a treadmill. She goes from home to her boring job to home with no one to share life's joys and pains with. Then, one moment she takes a risk and does something strange. But will it change her?

Learn more about the authors:

Marc Littman is a former journalist who has penned many short stories and been published in Flash Fiction Magazine, Flash Fiction Press, Long Story Short, Wildflower Muse and other publications. He has also self-published two novels, "Eddie and Me on the Scrap Heap" and "The Spirit Sherpa".

Alexander Smith is the creator of this podcast and a writer living in Providence, RI. Like his author Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @AlexanderWrites. Buy his book of poems "For Poets Must Love" for your Kindle.

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