Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm not breaking my promise! Are you?

We often take secrets lightly...

But what if a family member trusted you with their lifelong secret? Would you follow through?

While on her death bed, Aunt Jody turned to her favorite niece, Emily, and told her where her biggest secret was hidden.

Will Aunt Jody's secret destroy Emily's perception of her aunt forever? Or will it make her love her more?

Listen in!
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Discover a tale of family, legacy, and long-kept secrets!

Listen to what Emily does when her beloved aunt tells her about a buried treasure. Will she be able to keep her final promise to her aunt? Or will Emily decide Aunt Jody's secret is too much to bear? Listen to find out!

Learn more about the author:

Jenny Sturgill is an RN who lives in Louisville, Kentucky with her husband. Her work has been published in The Kentucky Explorer, The Indiana Voice Journal, The Storyteller, and The Pink Chameleon, among others. Find her book Against the Wind; How I survived my life with Grandma on Amazon.com today.

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