Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Halloween! Now Listen to a New Horror Story...

It's Almost Halloween. Get Scared!

Are you ready for a horror story? This week we have a new scary tale from David A. Voyles of North Carolina.

In the story, a man loses his daughter when she drowns in a river. He dedicates his life to saying 'I'm sorry." But he never could guess that her spirit would manifest as this...

Listen to 'One More Offering' today!

This horror tale will keep you engaged. Soak up the vibrant imagery and allow the creepiness to creep into your earbuds.

Learn more about the author:

David A. Voyles writes primarily horror fiction: ghost stories, weird tales, supernatural or psychological thrillers--basically anything dark and scary.  He taught high school English for over thirty years but now owns and hosts a unique ghost tour business with his son in Asheville, NC, Dark Ride Tours, which features a haunted 1972 Cadillac hearse. You can see this wonderful hearse on their creepy website at DarkRideTours.com and on their Dark Ride Tours Facebook page.

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