Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Here are your 3 favorite fiction and poetry podcast episodes!

After hundreds of you tuned in, your favorites are clear.


#1 Poetry by Ivan Jenson, Charles Braddy, and Alexander Smith

Listen to never-before-heard poetry by Ivan Jenson, Charles Braddy, and Alexander Smith. Eight poems are included for your listening enjoyment in this single episode. Themes include money, greed, ambition, winter, creativity, homelessness, and inspiration.

#2 The Break In by Alexander Smith & The System by Ilan Herman

In The Break In a young lover tries to rendezvous with his unsuspecting girl. In The System two mafiosi try to take something they don't fully understand.

#3 Reach by Alexander Jones & Lamenting Voyeur by Guiseppi Paulino 

Hear two short stories about the choices we make when we see someone in need. And we’ll explore what we feel when we don’t do the right thing and extend our help as we are taught we should. Our first selection, “Reach” is written by Alexander Jones, a frequent publisher of short fiction living in Jersey City. “Lamenting Voyeur” comes from Guiseppi Paulino, an emerging New England writer, voice actor, and chef.

Not one of your favorites? Comment down below and tell us your fave! 

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