Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Remember Grandpa? Well, memories sweeten with time...

It's almost Thanksgiving, so let's talk family.

For many, Thanksgiving is the time of year families unite. No matter how far apart they've grown, this holiday is one time of year where people try to get together.

In today's episode, we hear a fond recollection of one "Crazy Grandpa", who lived life by his rules. And while that won him a lot of enemies, especially his daughter-in-law and wife, it taught his grandson a valuable life lesson.

Listen to Mark Tulin's new short story now!

In this memoir-esque piece of fiction, we learn about a crazy grandfather through one grandson's fond recollections.

From the outside, grandpa was one bad dude (he drank while driving, he cursed everyone out, and he didn't work). But Grandpa Ike's grandson saw the goodness in him and took it to heart. Listen to this energizing piece of fiction on the podcast today!

Learn more about the author:

Mark Tulin is a retired Family Therapist from Philadelphia who now lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Alice.  He spends most days writing poetry, short stories and doing yoga on a standup paddleboard in the Pacific Ocean.  He has published in the Santa Barbara Independent, Family Therapy Magazine,Smokebox.net, Fiction on the Web, Elephant Journal, Page and Spine and hubpages.com/@marktulin. His website is www.crowonthewire.com

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