Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Season 2 Premier!

77% of students are bullied...

Sometimes victims can stand up to their bullies. Other times they are outnumbered and can't. And in the worst cases, victims resort to suicide or retaliate with a violent outburst ...

And statistics show that 100,000 students carry a gun to school. Now that is scary.

In today's fiction selection, one bullying victim turns to an abnormal love of fire to deal with bullying.

"The Fire Starter" touches on themes of bullying, loneliness, and compulsion. 

The season two premier, "The Fire Starter", follows a tormented boy who escapes the problems of his life through torching his plastic army men in his backyard. No one knows about his compulsion. Or so he thinks until the compromising details get leaked to a group of bullies...

This piece is written by Alexander Smith, who has been featured on the podcast before, most recognized for his short story "The Perfect Man".

Alexander Smith is a fiction writer and poet living in Providence, RI with his wife. His book of poetry, "For Poets Must Love" is available on Amazon. He works as a freelance copywriter. Follow him on Twitter @AlexanderWrites

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