Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weaponize your smartphone and we lose touch with humanity

Do you hide behind your phone?

We all use our phones too much, but where does usage creep into addiction? When we can't watch enough violent videos? Fights? When is enough enough?

"Certain things stick with your forever, even if you make an attempt to suppress it from your memory." Unfortunately, we can't delete our memories as easily as we can a video file...

At some point we all have to draw the line, especially when we're the ones behind the lens...

"Shotguns and Smartphones" touches on themes of entertainment addiction, desensitization, and technology.

From the perspective of Sam, a recently married young man, "Shotguns and Smartphones" takes place at a baby shower - or on the outskirts of one. Because Sam is one of only three men at the event, he and the mom-to-be's fiance take an ATV ride out into their abundant backwoods property. There they run into someone and things go horribly wrong, while Sam films everything from behind his smartphone...

Patrick Kirk Thomas is a late-twenties author and copywriter out of Naples, Florida. He is currently at work writing and publishing multiple novels on Amazon. 

Download "Shotguns and Smartphones" Today!


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