Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Buck convention and live your life (brand-new poetry you need to hear!)

Freedom is what you make it

Some people thrive on freedom. Others on routine, rules, and regulations. Like many things, freedom is found on a spectrum. From total imprison men and societal segregation on one end and border-less, oneness on the other.

The poetry in today's episode touches on themes of nonconformity, violence, and illusion.

James William Sinclair is a composer, writer and artist. Recent works include a recording & assemblage piece titled Shoah Songs Volume Two: From Theresienstadt that was acquired by The Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum, as well as a live score and re-edit of Kim Ki-Duk’s film Crocodile that debuted at the Cinefamily in 2016. He lives in Los Angeles. Decentralize the hierarchy. Dissolve all borders. Live for each moon. Visit is website or follow him on Twitter.

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